Carbine LBX

The Carbine LBX uses next-generation technology to solve a critical vulnerability that has plagued letterbox locks for decades.

A single master key opens 90% of Australian letterboxes. The Carbine LBX letterbox lock is a new high-security lock that is not vulnerable to the simple master-key hack that affects most letterboxes.

Instead, the Carbine LBX is a C4 keyway letterbox lock — the very same pin-tumbler key system as your front door. This is far more secure than the wafer camlocks used in most letterboxes.

Carbine LBX standard features

  • Pin-tumbler design for anti-pick resistance
  • Eliminates compromised wafer-cam key system that thieves have master-key for
  • No universal master-key
  • Easy-install requires only a simple retrofit
  • Convenience of one key for the house and letterbox
  • Patented design
  • For letterbox-banks at apartment and office complexes, locks can be pinned, so property manager can still have a special key to open up all or some boxes